Are you looking for a way to decorate the objects of your kitchen and make them more personal? Then, you should definitely mark them with impressive decorations engraved with the sun. We listed 5 items that you can easily find in your kitchen to personalize with beautiful engravings using Febo. For sure, carving designs on supports like wood, cork, or leather will add a character to those everyday objects that would otherwise look bland.

In fact, solar pyrography is the art of designing with a fire lit by a beam of sun rays focused through a magnifying lens. This is a unique and all-natural way to create art that requires no electricity. Using Febo, the solar engraver, this process is extremely easy and fun. You only need a sunny day to harness the energy of the sun and burn your indelible mark on your belongings. In case you want to know more about how to engrave with the sun using Febo, we wrote a step-by-step tutorial that you can find here.

Otherwise, if you are already familiar with this impressive technique, let’s jump into the creative phase! These 5 kitchenware items to engrave with Febo are easy and fun to make and will add to your kitchen your unique touch.

01. Cutting Board

Cutting Boards are beautiful pieces in our kitchens that can be easily turned into a perfect canvas on where to engrave with your Febo. For example, write down your family name , engrave a pattern you like and personalize these boards with an incredible rustic look. Surely, it will become a standout piece in your cottage’s kitchen.

02. Coasters

 A nicely decorated coaster is always a great addition to your table to give it a truly unique touch. So, get some cork or wooden coasters and use Febo to customize them. For example, you can engrave some very personal designs or writings and turn them into original table placeholders.

03. Coffee Cup

Convert yourself to a more sustainable lifestyle! By getting rid of disposable plastic we can reduce a little our daily waste. Therefore, get yourself a cork coffee cup that you can reuse to drink coffee and make it even more beautiful by engraving on its surface. Also, making art with Febo is a really sustainable process that requires no electricity at all!

04. Cutlery

Every chef needs to rely on their tools to do magic in their kitchen. Then make your dull wooden cutlery like spoons or forks as special as your recipes! Moreover, if you need help with the design, we created a Stencil Pack with 36 original artworks to make the drawing process simpler and more precise!

05. Bowl

Spice up your salads by serving them on beautifully engraved wooden bowls. For instance, you could trace with Febo geometric shapes or organic patterns and make these items a stylish centerpiece on your table during your special dinners.

We hope this list of 5 kitchenware items to engrave with Febo inspired you in letting the sun enter your kitchen! Grab your Febo and personalize your objects with the power of the sun.

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