5 home ideas to engrave with Febo


If you are looking for crafty DIY techniques to improve your house with eye-catching decorations, you should definitely give solar engraving a go! Solar engraving is the art of burning decorations on natural materials, simply using the power of the sun. Thanks to Febo, the solar engraver designed and produced in Italy, this activity is now extremely easy and accessible to anyone. 

Forget old regular magnifying glasses that burn slowly and without any kind of control! Febo has a powerful lens that keeps the sunlight always focused on your medium, making solar engraving a truly enjoyable experience. All you need is to enjoy a peaceful day of sun outdoor and create! In case you want to know more about how to engrave with Febo, read our step-by-step tutorial.

Otherwise, we listed 5 home objects to use as a canvas to let your creativity run free. Add your personality to these items in your house and make them truly unique!

01. Welcome Sign

A great welcome begins at the front door! For sure, a nicely decorated wooden sign is a creative way to express the joy of coming back home. Greet your family and friends with a solar engraving to hang at your door! Moreover, you can add flowers and branches to the sign and create a lovely wreath.

Home ideas welcome sign Febo
Home ideas hanger engraved with Febo

02. Hanger

A wooden coat hanger can be a perfect canvas to engrave with the sun using Febo. We decorated this one with a pattern of swallows, as an attempt to capture their chirping sounds during a spring day in the courtyard. Engrave what you like and illuminate with your creativity every corner of your house!

03. Frame

Certainly, engraving a decoration on a wooden frame is a lovely way to enhance the feelings of your memories captured in a photo. For example, you can burn patterns and motifs freehand or get inspiration from our stencils to customize a frame that is truly yours. 

Home ideas to engrave Febo frame
Home ideas engrave Febo vase

04. Vase

Vases with flowers are beautiful objects and gentle reminders of the wonders nature has to offer. If you have a wooden one in your house, decorate it with the marks of a relaxing sunny day spent outdoors. Use Febo to harness the solar power and burn a special drawing on it.

05. Table

If you do want to challenge yourself in engraving with the sun something big and epic, a table is for sure something that won’t go unnoticed in your apartment. Certainly, this piece of furniture will become such a masterpiece of art in your home to leave starstruck anyone knocking at your door.

Home ideas to engrave Febo table

We hope these home ideas to engrave with Febo gave you an inspiration to add a special touch to your house. Let the sun enter your home and surround yourself with objects that carries its optimistic energy! Also, check the articles of our blog or follow us on social media to find more items to customise. For example, take a look at our list of 5 kitchenware items to engrave with Febo. Have fun and share your creations with us to get featured on our website!

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