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Spending time outdoors has many benefits on our bodies and minds. Anybody venturing out on a mountain, wandering in the woods, or just basking in their neighborhood’s park can immediately experience their stress levels lowering and general well being getting better and better.

Researchers suggest that spending time outdoors can be a natural medicine to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. For example, it boosts the immune system and increases anti-cancer proteins. Nature is an efficient remedy to the stress caused by the fast rhythms of our contemporary lifestyles, mostly spent facing electronic devices. A smart way to integrate a slower pace into our daily routines is to replace part of the time spent indoors with some activities to practice in the open air.

For example, riding a bike, walking, gardening, or a creative activity like solar engraving have a positive impact on health. Here are some reasons why being outdoor is so beneficial.

1. Stress Reduction

Stress reduction Febo

Studies have shown that nature reduces the risk of developing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Spending time outdoors has benefits like lowering the bloodstream level of cortisol, a hormone that is often associated with stress, both in teens and adults. At the same time, it increases endorphin and dopamine production, which promotes happiness. That’s why being in the open air makes us feel rejuvenated and joyful.

2. Better brain function​

Benefits outdoor stronger system

While urban settings are full of inputs like traffic, noises, and lights, a natural landscape offers moments of calm and silence.  Exposure to natural environments is linked to an improved mental clarity, a sharper focus and enhanced short-term memory. For this reason, nature is beneficial for children with ADHD or who suffer from attention deficit. In fact, 20 minutes per day in the open air already mark an increase in concentration and productivity, as well as a boost in creativity. That’s probably why making art outdoor is so inspiring and beneficial to our souls.

3. Vitamin D Boost

Benefits of spending time outdoors vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to bone growth, immune system regulation and fighting depression. The best source from where our organism can get such an important element is… the sun! Soaking in the sun for some time every day will avoid the risk of a Vitamin D deficiency, which can ultimately lead to osteoporosis, cancer, and heart attacks. Get outdoor and enjoy a blissful day of sun, for example by engraving on wood pieces some incredible drawings with Febo. Use the sunlight to create art and improve your mood!

4. Stronger immune system​

Better brain function

Being outdoors is also a way to challenge our bodies regularly, stimulating our immune system. A study revealed that doing an outdoor activity such as forest bathing increased the level of white blood cells in the participants for the next two weeks. Which means a more efficient response in fighting viruses and bacteria, keeping our bodies healthier and stronger.

5. Longer life, better aging​

Benefits of spending time outdoors Improved vision

It seems that nature keeps you youthful! According to a study, adults over 70 who spent time outdoors experienced better aging, and have fewer complaints about aches, pains, mobility, or poor sleep. Likewise, other studies associate living near vegetation with a longer life expectancy. For example, the quality of the air is improved in the presence of trees. Moreover, spending time outdoors can encourage us in being more active. For instance, in exercising more frequently, keeping the heart healthy, and fighting obesity.

To sum it up, spending time outdoors has many benefits and it doesn’t take much to improve your health. Spending at least 120 minutes per week in the wild is already helpful to balance your mind and strengthen your body. So what are you waiting for? Invest more of your free time in hiking, playing sports outdoors, or just breathing the fresh air. We personally love to draw with the sun using Febo. As you approach the art of solar engraving with Febo, you’ll get to spend more and more time on the open air while discovering an entertaining way of enjoying a calmer pace. Get out of your room and benefit from some wild time in nature!

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