If you know Febo solar engraver, you’d probably already appreciate the hidden complexity of such a simple and intuitive object. This little geeky tool is way more than an electricity-free engraver which uses the solar power to burn amazing artwork. Moreover, it is merges art with science, history with nature. That’s why Febo offers many educators and parents the opportunity to teach kids through a practical activity. 

Many of our clients who are teachers or practice homeschooling choose Febo as a pedagogical tool to educate kids through play

Learning with Febo is fun and the notions found on books will take the shape of a beautiful artwork engraved on wood. 

Read more to discover how an hands-on learning can be beneficial for children and the ways you can use Febo to complement your lessons!

The benefits of hands-on learning

A significant, fun experience is often the best way to teach your kids something and help them discover the surrounding world.  As Italian pedagogist Maria Montessori used to say “in order to form and maintain our intelligence, we must use our hands.”

In fact, her educational method, which is acclaimed worldwide, encourages children to learn through direct experience: by touching, feeling and doing. Unlike traditional environments where kids sits at their desks, the Montessori approach let them learn through exploration and interaction with pedagogical tools. For example, when it comes to learn numbers, kids attending a Montessori primary school will do it by manipulating rods, bead chains, sandpaper numbers and more. The sensorial experience and the motoric memory make discoveries more meaningful for a child, thus easier to understand and remember.

That’s why Febo can be a nice pedagogical tool to integrate with traditional school lessons. Also, what’s even better about drawing with the sun is that being an activity to practice outdoors it will help the healthy development of children. As one of the main problem of modern society is the time we spend in front of digital devices, engraving with Febo will take your kids out of their rooms, supporting their education with the great benefits that comes by living in contact with nature.

What to teach with Febo

With Febo you’ll be able to teach your kids about different subjects like science, history, arts and nature. Here some of the hints given by the many customers that used Febo for educational purpose:

SCIENCE: For sure, Febo gives you the opportunity to talk about optics, as it works thanks to a precisely calibrated lens that focuses sunlight into a point. Some of our customers used Febo as a fun introduction to geometry and angles as well. In fact, Febo needs to be placed at 90° to the sun to work. 

HISTORYDrawing with the sun is no new to mankind: since the very early days of civilization, more rudimental lenses have been in use to start a fire or engrave decorations. On this blog post you can find the many applications of magnifying glasses through centuries, from creative to scientific purposes. For sure, Febo is a journey through human history!

NATURE: Of course, practicing solar pyrography with Febo is the perfect way to teach kids about the sun! You can do a lesson about the solar power or set up a fun activity to celebrate the solstice.

ARTS: In any case, using Febo will transform any of your lectures into an art class like no others. So maybe another idea could be to replicate famous art pieces using Febo and the power of the sun.

Check the collection page on our website to find Febo in different colors or bundles at a convenient price for the kids in your school!

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