Do you ever feel time is shipping away from you? Sometimes our routines are so packed of assignment to fulfill we often forget the most important thing: to live. For sure, the current digital age is full of distractions. For instance, notifications are constantly popping from social media, or alarms remind us of our next appointment. Coping with all these inputs often requires us to live in a rush, eventually forgetting to dedicate more time to ourselves.

That’s why going back to more “analogical” activities can be a true lifeline to get back in control of our time. Of course, there are many hobbies you can practice to live with deeper intention, such as yoga or meditation. Nonetheless, we’d like to introduce an age-old technique that merges a focused mind with a creative outcome: the art of engraving with the sun!

In fact, by practicing solar engraving with Febo you’ll get the chance to get focused, get creative outdoors and finally schedule some satisfying time for yourself. Certainly, a private moment to do what you love and express yourself is essential to find a balance and give your day a whole new meaning. 

Following a natural rhythm

For example, find a peaceful place in a garden where to sit. Then, catch sunlight with Febo and breathe the scent of wood starting to burn like incense under the beam of focused sunlight. Slowly your drawing will start to appear on the canvas. During the practice of solar engraving you may feel as time is suspended, while your mind enters a meditative state. As the intensity of the sun varies, the speed of the engraving changes as well. Sometimes it forces you to embrace a stop due to a cloud passing by. While you are guided by the unpredictable rhythm of the sun, you can forget your daily preoccupations, enter a calmer state of mind and tune your spirit to a more natural rhythm. For sure, spending time in nature is a free and effective therapy to reduce the stress levels and increase the psycho physical well-being.

"Get in the zone"

Many of our customers find engraving with Febo an activity useful to relax and connect with nature. For example, they find Febo useful for children to focus their creativity in a healthy way. Of course, we love to share their experiences and the many ways solar engraving can have a positive impact. Often, we talk about Ryan Reeves, a talented artist from California and one of the first supporters of Febo. As he says, using Febo ”does bring out this sort of relaxation and peace with nature. It gets you in the zone, which is difficult nowadays”. For sure, his art is infused with a positive vibe! 

So, what are you waiting for? Run away from the daily distraction and reserve yourself a healthy time outdoors! Not only you are going to find this activity a private moment for yourself, but also a fun and unique way to create amazing artworks. 

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