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Anyone owning a garden, a terrace or a little corner with some plants in the open air will agree that these are truly special places in our homes. Above all, gardens  bring a patch of wilderness closer to us and let us experience a private moment in nature. Also, there are many activities to do such as cultivating flowers and greens, relax under the sun or organizing a picnic with the family.

If any excuse is a good one to spend more time in your garden then you may want to try solar engraving. This creative activity will allow you to draw on many natural materials like wood, simply using the power of the sun. How? Using Febo, a solar engraver supplied with a powerful lens that unlike a regular magnifying glass always keeps the sunlight focused on the canvas.

Drawing with the sun has never been easier, and it’s a completely natural way of making art while being outdoors! That’s why it’s a perfect activity to practice in the garden. 

Here, we listed 5 great ideas that you can engrave with Febo to make the objects of your garden truly special and unique.

01. Bird House

How lovely is hearing the birds chirping in the backyard! A little wooden house will offer them a place where to stay in your garden. Of course, personalize this tiny house with Febo by engraving sun-burnt decorations. For sure, it will become a lovely object to look at.

garden bird house engrave

02. Plant Markers

Surely, an easy idea to craft in seconds are plant tags. Moreover, these will help you identify and remember the herbs of your garden! All you need to do is create a wooden label, write the name of the plant with a pencil and then permanently engrave it with Febo!

03. Crate

A crate is a very versatile object in a garden. For example, it can serve as a storage for tools, it is useful to collect fruits freshly picked, or as planter where to  cultivate vegetables. Certainly, adding a decoration like a burnt paisley motif like this one is a nice way to add personality to such a useful object. Also, you can find inspiration from our selection of stencils to engrave an original pattern!

Garden crate engrave
Garden totem engrave

04. Totem

Nature and art share a common thing: they surround our lives with beauty. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find hidden treasures like sculptures in  gardens. Of course, a wooden totem engraved with intricate designs will will surely enhance the beauty of your garden! Certainly, the natural, rustic feel of solar pyrography is a perfect form of art to enjoy outdoors.

05. Swing

If your creativity is truly overflowing, you can consider a bigger object like a wooden swing. Have plenty of space on where to engrave with Febo by making this furniture your canvas. Moreover, you will create a standout piece of art, that will add a romantic touch to your garden.

engrave a garden swing with Febo

Engrave these objects with Febo to make your garden a work of art! Of course, there are many more items to turn into amazing art pieces with solar pyrography. For example, take a look at our list of 5 everyday objects to engrave with Febo. Get creative and send us your results or use the hashtag #madewithfebo to get your creations featured on our website!

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